Peter Pribilla was member of the executive board of the Siemens Corporation, at last as Head of Corporate Human Resources.


Furthermore, he was one of the most influential partners of the Technische Universität München. Peter Pribilla`s connection to the chair for information, organisation and management goes back to the year 1993 and found its expression in various forms of cooperation, ranging from a multinational research project on the impact of electronic innovations on leadership practice to Peter Pribilla`s long-time function as university lecturer at the TUM.


In appreciation of his great contributions, Peter Pribilla became a honorary professor of the TUM in 1997. Peter Pribilla`s intellectual interests, based on academic studies and his practical experiences of many years, are reflected in the central orientation of the foundation, which was founded in 2005 in his honour: Therefore, the Peter Pribilla Foundation focuses on the fields of innovation and leadership.